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You FINALLY have the power in your hands to completely revolutionize your entire store and brand with our modern drag and drop user interface. Want to see it in action?

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High Converting Page Templates At Your Fingertips

With our predefined page templates you’ll be able to have FULL control of how your funnel pages look. You want to add quantity? We have you covered. Want to edit the background? We have you covered.

Everything on the page - from images all the way to text and color - are 100% editable to your desire. Want to see what we are talking about?

Watch The Page Builder In Action

Best Physical Product Funnels For Your Store

Everything Hosted RIGHT On Your Shopify Store

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Complete Training On How To Use TriFunnels

Super Customizable (Entire Drag and Drop Builder Being Released)

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It has never been this easy to create physical product funnels by just downloading and installing an app…. All in under 5 minutes!

Effortlessly Build Funnels Right Within Your Shopify Store

It’s never been this easy to build product funnels right within your store like it is with TriFunnels.

One Click Install

Easily install TriFunnels to any Shopify store with ease without having to jump through hoops. With our installer it takes one click of your mouse to be up and running and have TriFunnels cranking out high performing funnels in your Shopify store!

Amazing Customer Support

We have a dedicated TriFunnels team to ENSURE you have support around the clock. We offer LIVE chat support during normal business hours and we 100% promise (The TriCommunity Promise) no question or concern will go left unanswered for over 24 hours!

Easily Build UNLIMITED Funnels

The best part about TriFunnels is you can build as many funnels as you want inside of your stores! YOu want to run 1 funnel or 100 we have you covered. TriFunnels is easily capable of handling ANYTHING you throw at us.

Effortlessly Build Responsive Funnels In Minutes

Stop Going Crazy Trying To Learn How To Code or Hiring Programmers Ever Again

We've tested and created multiple versions of our landing page for our personal funnels and we've been able to track down to the exact percentage what converts the BEST for us. Using the same layout we use you can easily start cranking out sales for your store. You'll have full capability to:

  • Have your pages vertical or horizontal
  • Have complete control of your footer
  • Give your customer the ability to add quantity
  • Effortlessly have your funnel work PERFECTLY once its
    set up one time
  • Have complete control of the colors

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Unlimited Stores / Sites

Unlimited Funnels

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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to make TriFunnels work for me?

You need to have a Shopify store or multiple shopify stores. This app allows you to create funnels right inside of Shopify and publish the pages right on your own store.

Does TriFunnels host on my Shopify store?

Yes we do 100%. We decided we want to use the power and reliability of Shopify and attach the funnel builder to your store so everything is centralized and you can control it 100%.

Do we currently offer email capture campaigns?

We are currently working for the next 60-90 days in development to create lead based campaigns with pop ups for emails. We are going to focus on generating leads for your eCommerce stores that intergrate with Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, SendLane, Klaviyo. So yes, we are currently working on this and we apologize if you are looking for it currently.

How much is TriFunnels (total cost)

TriFunnels is disrupting the marketplace and we are offering the same as our competitors for only $9 per month per store ($108 / year) or $29 per month ($348 / year) for unlimited sites. Offering the best page builder at a price anyone can afford. We took the NetFlix approach here to providing an amazing service that anyone can afford.

How many stores can I use my TriFunnels license for?

You have a few options. $29 per month gives you unlimited stores. $9 gives you one store. You can pick whatever fits your needs.

Can I upgrade if I have the 1 site to unlimited?

Yes of course! We encourage you to keep building your empire and keep on expanding and never stop at any cost!

Can I split test with TriFunnels?

YES YES YES! We were very persistent with this feature to our development team. You can split test products right within TriFunnels and you can easily go ahead and determine which product gets show by setting thhe %. If you want product A to be shown 50% of the time and product B shown the other 50% of the time you can do that. So if you have 10 visitors 5 will see product A and the other 5 will see product B and TriFunnels will automatically pick the highest converter for you after a certain amount of visits you set. So its it truly set and forget funnel building :-)

Does TriFunnels work on other eCom Platforms?

Unfortunately no. Not at this current time.

What analytics ae provided in TriFunnels?

Unique Page Views - Total Page Views - Conversions - Sales - (Sales - Cost) - Money Generated - Other Stats are coming as well.

Do I need a programmer or a designer to help create my pages?

Nope. Completely easy to use interface for you!

What Our Users Have To Say About TriFunnels

This is what users are saying about TriFunnels. We know for a fact you will love it even more than they do.